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Multiculturalism comprises different people, different beliefs, different behaviors and different languages, therefore you can develop skills here to nurture a team and create a better future.


Must be above 16 years of age and under 65, physically and mentally healthy, well-behaved, dedicated, hardworking, comply with temple (Buddhist) rules, have completed the required volunteers training classes, being able to observe the duty hours and being devoted to the volunteer service.

International volunteers
activity contents

Fo Guang Shan Volunteer Association’s international volunteers participated in a session of sutra calligraphy at the Fo Guang Shan Sutra Calligraphy Hall.
Sutra calligraphy is the combination of traditional Chinese calligraphy and Buddhist
Sutra transcription.

It is beneficial to one's body and mind.
Although our international volunteers do not understand the meaning of the scriptures, this does not stop them from experiencing the unification of mind and thought as one completes the calligraphy, character by character.

International volunteers from the Fo Guang Shan Volunteer Association tried to cook traditional Taiwanese food in Dharma Hall,including Gua Bao, spring rolls, bubble tea and plum tomatoes to experience local culture and cuisine.


Events over the years

Event videos

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International  volunteer news

Being informed about events, news, multicultural interaction, develop skills to nurture a team and create a better future.

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